Cultural Resources

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Cultural Resources

Under the direction of the Yocha Dehe Cultural Resources Committee, the Cultural Resources Department designs programs to protect historic sites, creates cultural media, plans community events, supports language revitalization. cultural internships and GIS programs. With the construction of the new community, the Department looks forward to moving into our new Cultural space which will serve as a home for our special collections, including extensive Patwin language and research selections.

Keeping our language, traditions, culture and wisdom of our elders alive is essential to our survival as a Tribe. It reflects the promise we have made to past and future generations of cultural practitioners- the promise that we will carry the knowledge of our traditions of our people on into perpetuity - to preserve the core of who we are as Native Patwin people.

We are working with trained tribal monitors and archeologists to ensure that historic findings are treated in the most respectful way possible. Within our Tribe’s aboriginal territory, we are diligently working to get ahead of inadvertent discoveries and avoid excavation in culturally sensitive areas. Our Tribe has taken on the responsibility of digitizing the state records of Native cultural sites in order to respond to construction notices and ensure appropriate protection.

The mission of the Cultural Resources Department is to identify, preserve and protect Patwin language, culture and sites.

Chawi, Chemes, Bopas Patwin Teweda, Weyada Wilakda.

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