Doyuti T'uhkama

The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation is committed to ensuring the economic benefits of gaming are felt locally, are invested in communities within the Tribe's ancestral territory, and assist tribal and California citizens in need. 

In its 2016 Tribal State Gaming Compact, the Tribe requested and received the opportunity to use a specific portion of the funds it sends annually to the State for these specific efforts. By investing in programs, initiatives and projects within certain parameters to which the Tribe and the State agreed in the 2016 Compact, the Tribe earns credits against its annual payment to the State. These generally include local, tribal, regional and State programs, initiatives, and projects that provide needed or desired services or enhancements to the Tribe, State, community and/or people in need. Because investments in these programs generate credits against what the Tribe would send to the State each year, they are often referred to as “compact credits.” The “compact credit” program is distinct from and in addition to the longstanding and ongoing work of the Tribe’s philanthropic Community Fund.

The “compact credit” program is overseen by a new Yocha Dehe Partnership named “Doyuti T’uhkama.”

Doyuti T’uhkama means “To Give the Acorn” in the Tribe’s native Patwin language. The acorn is a symbol sacred to the Patwin people, and reflects Yocha Dehe’s commitment to sharing, particularly with those in need. The partnership is overseen by a five-member board appointed by and reporting to the Tribal Council. The partnership board and staff:

  • Accept, review and make determinations on all applications for grants, and
  • Confirm funds are used as allocated, and in some cases, oversee implementation of projects and initiatives;
  • Ensure operations of the overall program adhere to the principles laid out in both the 2016 Tribal State Gaming Compact and Doyuti T’uhkama’s own charter.
  • Doyuti T’uhkama is pronounced Doy-you-tee Tuck-ah-mah.