Séka Hills

Introducing Séka Hills

In our native Patwin language, 'Séka' means 'blue,' and in selecting Séka Hills as the name for our line of premium tribal products, we honor the blue hills that overlook our homeland in Northern California's Capay Valley.

Séka Hills products are sold online at Séka Hills and in retail markets, featuring premium quality products including wine, extra virgin olive oil, honey, balsamic vinegar, and more.

Séka Hills Olive Mill

Our Séka Hills Olive Mill is located in the heart of the Capay Valley, a prime olive-growing region, and is full service – from processing to storage to bottling all of our estate grown olive oils.

To preserve maximum flavor and health benefits, the Séka Hills Olive Mill uses an oxygen-free malaxer that shields the olive paste from exposure to air during the milling process. Limiting oxygen exposure helps create the freshest estate grown extra virgin olive oil possible, ready for immediate bottling in a full range of consumer and commercial packaging.