Sports Wagering: Stand with the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation

Vote NO on Proposition 27 and YES on Proposition 26

This November, Californians have a critical decision to make. The question of how to implement sports wagering in the state has a lot at stake, far beyond which team scores the most touchdowns, baskets or goals. In truth, this question is about the safety of our children and the sovereignty of the state’s tribes.   

The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation stands with nearly all California tribes in opposition to Prop 27. Proposition 27 is a risky attempt by out-of-state corporations to put sports gambling online, on devices accessible by children. Nearly all the revenue generated by Proposition 27 will flow to a few corporate interests that aren’t even located in California.

Those corporate interests know the voters of California would never stand for that, so they are trying to confuse the issue with false and misleading advertisements. They want you to believe Prop 27 has broad tribal support. They want you to believe Prop 27 offers a solution to homelessness. Neither of those things is true about Prop 27.

Instead, we support Proposition 26, a sensible approach to sports wagering that protects tribal sovereignty and the most vulnerable Californians. Under Prop 26, California honors its promises by respecting tribal sovereignty and keeping this form of entertainment with the tribal gaming operations that have the years of expertise and experience it takes to offer sports wagering responsibly. But even more importantly, Proposition 26 doesn’t put gambling online, where there can be no doubt that minors and problem gamblers will access it.   

For these reasons, we invite you to join us in saying no to Prop 27 and yes to Prop 26.

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