Renewable energy development increases our control of the future we leave to our children. By harnessing the natural sources around us, we are planning for the long term and laying a responsible foundation for our descendants.

  • Multiple photovoltaic arrays-at the Tribe's community and government facilities and at the CCCR-supplement the Tribe's total energy demand with clean, renewable solar power. 
  • A thermal energy storage (TES) system at CCCR can reduce energy demand during peak hours by cooling water at night when energy demand is lower and temperatures are cooler, storing the water for use in chillers during the day.
  • The HVAC system at the Clubhouse uses a “pre-cool loop” to pump water through South Lake, cooling it before use and saving energy.
  • The Tribal Council chambers was constructed as a ‘net-zero’ addition with the rooftop solar panels generating energy sufficient to compensate for its energy demand.
  • The new hotel tower at CCCR and all new buildings are generally designed to California Title 24 energy standards, or better, in order to reduce energy demand and use.