Tribal Gaming Agency

Protecting the Integrity of Tribal Gaming

The Yocha Dehe Tribal Gaming Agency has a singular purpose: To ensure the honesty, safety and integrity of gaming at Cache Creek Casino Resort. To achieve this purpose, the Tribal Gaming Agency is completely independent of the Casino and carefully regulates its activity in close association with state, federal and local government agencies. 

The Tribal Gaming Agency is composed of five Commissioners, 38 full-time employees and consists of the following three departments:

Regulatory Compliance
The Tribal Gaming Agency is tasked with ensuring that Cache Creek Casino Resort strictly adheres to all applicable regulations, policies and procedures. To accomplish this task, the Tribal Gaming Agency’s regulatory compliance department at regular intervals conducts comprehensive audits of all aspects of the gaming operation. The regulatory compliance staff also reviews and approves the rules of all games played and promotions offered at Cache Creek Casino Resort, and ensures that the internal controls governing the gaming facility are regularly updated as necessary.

All persons employed at Cache Creek Casino Resort, as well as all vendors who supply the Casino with gaming equipment and materials, are required to submit to a rigorous background investigation and be licensed by the Tribal Gaming Agency. Among other things, the background investigation process includes obtaining a complete criminal history report from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. 

The Tribal Gaming Agency operates a state of the art digital surveillance system. All surveillance officers are highly trained on every game played at Cache Creek Casino Resort and are experts at detecting any irregularity in the play of those games. As a testament to the surveillance department’s capabilities, it has on more than one occasion won awards at the annual World Game Protection conference for its cutting-edge investigations. Moreover, in cooperation with state and federal law enforcement authorities, Tribal Gaming Agency investigations have resulted over the years in scores of arrests and convictions of individuals who have attempted to affect the integrity of gaming at the Casino.

Contact Tribal Gaming Agency Executive Director Ray Patterson with any questions.

Tribal Gaming Agency Commissioners

  • Leland Kinter, Chair
  • Alisha Byrd
  • Diamond Lomeli
  • Mia Durham
  • ​Nelson Lowell