Steward the Natural Environment

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation Image

All people should strive to be in harmony with the earth. The fund supports efforts to promote better environmental stewardship, the reduced and more effective use of natural resources, and planning which explicitly includes the interests of succeeding generations.

One key to improving our balance with the natural environment is the education of the next generation. Exposing children to natural beauty and our role as stewards of the earth will result in greater levels of awareness and responsibility in the next generation of adults. The fund has a long history of supporting outdoor education programs for the young and restates its commitment to these programs.

The fund will also continue to support local environmental organizations as they improve the natural, rural and urban environments in which we live.

Going forward, the Tribe will demonstrate significant interest and support for programs that show potential to improve the community’s use of energy and natural resources. Of particular interest will be renewable energy technologies (for example, solar, wind, biomass), conservation and other technologies of exceptional promise. Water, being a critical component for life, yet an increasingly scarce resource, is also of singular concern. The fund will continue to investigate and support approaches to water use that are consistent with a harmonious life.